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Stasiuk Firm PC - Colorado Estate Planning Law Firm

Our firm is here to protect you and your family, and to help you understand your options as you plan your Colorado estate. Estate planning is about more than simply transferring valuables. Estate planning is about transferring values. This constantly changing area of law requires knowledgeable, compassionate attorneys with extensive experience, even under crisis circumstances. The process can be stressful enough when you’re not worried about the health of a loved one; it can be overwhelming when you are.

With education and experience in law, healthcare, and business, we bring more to our practice and to the care of our clients. We are sensitive to the real life problems and challenges that arise in modern families, and the effect these issues have on both the individual and his/her family members. We focus on eliminating the anxiety, stress and confusion that can accompany planning one's estate and provide an opportunity to celebrate our client's achievements, and create the foundation of fulfilling the wishes, hopes, and desires of our clients and their families. We care about your future!